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What is the Boogaloo?

This question has been asked and answered innumerably by nearly every single major news reporting entity in the western world over the course of the last year. With Hawaiian shirt clad activists appearing at protests concerning everything from corruption allegations directed at Child Protective Services, to racial equality, to gun rights, many find themselves wondering who these men and women standing nearby, carrying rifles, wearing ballistic plates, smoking cigarettes and quietly conversing amongst themselves might be. As of yet, it doesn’t seem anyone has been able to give a fair, accurate answer to this question. So, in order to clear things up, I suppose it best you hear it directly from the source.

I’m Kenneth Brooks, and I am a Boogaloo Boi. The Boogaloo takes its origins from 4chan – this is factual and indisputable. I won’t get into the finer details, as nearly every single article ever written about us has gone over this and you should be able to read about it on any of your chosen mainstream media sources. I will, however, stray from a course taken in common descriptions of the movement and take a moment to tell you what the Boogaloo is not. First of all, it is not a “race war.” Our loosely established ranks, if that term can even apply here, are made up of people from all walks of life, from all races, faiths, and creeds. While the movement is not homogenous and one group calling themselves Boogaloo may differ greatly from another group calling themselves Boogaloo in the next county, a few key things are universal – an interest in firearms, motorsports, music, subsistence farming, and the great outdoors to name a few – and most of all a distaste for government overreach and authoritarianism in general. We overwhelmingly agree that to hold ideals of racial supremacy naturally disqualifies one from believing in absolute Liberty For All. The Boogaloo is not an organization. As I mentioned above, we generally agree on a few key points, but none of us wear a uniform, pay membership dues (unless you’re part of the Caucus, an actual political organization for pro-gun, pro-weed, and pro-freedom Libertarians), or answer to some central headquarters or commanding officer. We do not, in fact, aim to overthrow any governments or cause needless chaos – most of us also believe that the US government’s overreach and ever-expanding draconian policies concerning the economy and the day to day lives of its constituents will inevitably lead to a widespread breakdown of society. In other words, we probably do not qualify to be called “accelerationists.” What would be the point of accelerating the inevitable? Having established that we are not a collection of stereotypical loud-mouthed, pot-bellied, racist rodeo clowns we are often portrayed as, now is probably the best time to answer the question asked at the beginning of this article – What is the Boogaloo? The term Boogaloo, at its core, is a slang term for the collapse of Western society. We aim to not only survive this event, but to ensure the health, safety, and liberty of our communities not just when it happens but right now. We organize food and clothing drives for the homeless and disadvantaged. Many of us spend our free time volunteering at food banks, as tutors for underprivileged children, and as caretakers for the elderly. We work without pay at animal shelters and battered women’s homes. I myself returned just two days ago from providing disaster relief in southern Louisiana following Hurricane Ida.

The Boogaloo does not aim to cause chaos; the Boogaloo recognizes chaos as an inevitability, the very reality of life on Earth, and by and large those adhering to it aim to do the right thing by their fellow man not just in spite of chaos, but through and around it.

We carry AR15s and AKs to escort battered women to safe places where they can get medical care and rest. We wear 1911s and Glock 19s while giving medical aid to injured children in disaster zones. We take barefooted bystanders by the hand and guide them to safety during riots. We help when no one else will, and if necessary we take lives in the process and may even lose our own.

This is the Boogaloo – and we are here for you, no matter who.

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